Volume Viewer Improved

A MATLAB graphical interface to visualize complex-valued N-D volumetric data.

Volume viewer improved (vvi) began in 2010 as an update to the volume viewer software for MATLAB written by Rafael O'Halloran in the Radiology MRI Research Group, University of Wisconsin - Madison. The original software was written for the analysis of dynamic imaging collected from GE Healthcare Signa and Aglient DirectDrive MRI scanners.

Download: https://github.com/halfSpinDoctor/volumeviewer

Purpose: The primary purpose of the vvi project has always been fast, easy viewing of complex-valued 3D and 4D datasets. That is, viewing of complex-valued MRI datasets with additional dynamic or parametric information (e.g. time-series data, data with multiple flip angles (FA), inversion times (TI), or echo times (TE)).

Key Features

*TIFF output may not work correctly on OSX

Features in Progress