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ADS-B Flight Tracker

Live Data

Updated Hardware Setup


Updated setup runs Raspbian Buster Custom 1.0.3 Release, with some small modifications to run on Raspberry Pi Zero W (armv6, rather than armhf/armv7):

1x Raspberry Pi Zero W, with Vilros clear case and heatsink starter kit - $24.99 USD
1x Nooelec NESDR Mini 2+ 0.5PPM TCXO RTL-SDR - $23.95 USD
1x AuviPal 2-in-1 Powered Micro USB OTG Adapter - $7.94
1x "Diapason MCX" Antenna (1090 MHz), see below€57.95 EUR

Setup Total Cost: $119.71 USD


Old Hardware Setup

  • Provides USB power for the RTL-SDL USB dongle, as the Raspberry Pi B cannot support more than 400 mW standard USB 2.0 specification.
  • Also acts as a cool blue LED nightlight.
  • RTL2832U Realtek 2832U software defined radio (SDR)
  • High performance antenna for 1090 MHz in stripline-technology
  • MCX plug for direct connection to our ADS-B Dongles, no adapter required, therefore no attenuation
  • ARM low power-computer to run radio software & web server
Setup Cost

 USB Hub £10.00 GBP
 RTL-SDR £10.00 GBP
 MCX Antenna €57.95 EUR
 Raspberry Pi B $37.43 USD
 Total (approx) $133.00 USD

SDR USB Dongle and 4 Port USB Hub

Antenna is mounted on the roof of the conservatory, due to easy access for the RF cable out of my bedroom window and USB cabling across the room into the Raspberry pi (located next to the broadband DSL modem for wired connectivity).

ADS-B Antenna Mounted on Greenhouse Roof      ADS-B Mounting Bracket


Due to the mounting location of the antenna, the range of signals detected is very limited.
Data from FlightRadar24 (FR24) analysis: